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Black Triangles Between tooth:

Black Triangles: Sometimes teeth look like they have little black triangles between them at the gumline.  These unsightly triangles can be small or large.  From a con verastional distance they look like a piece of spinach or a poppy seed stuck beweeen the teeth.   There are several reasons for black triangles:

  1. Tooth Shape: Teeth come in all shapes and sizes.  They can be round, rectangular, oval or triangular.  When teeth are too triangular, they touch each other at the chewing edges but not near the gums.  This leaves a larger than normal triangular space between the teeth.
  2. Receding Gums: The roots of upper front teeth are conical, like upside-down ice cream cones.  If the gums surrounding the front teeth recede from gum disease or bite problems (see Malocclusion), a small triangular space can appear between the front teeth.  These black triangular spaces can develop where there used to be no spaces at all.  If gum disease or bite-related problems go untreated, the black triangles get larger and more unsightly over time.

The solution for black triangles:

Black triangles can be permanently eliminated simply and comfortably by correcting the shape of the teeth.  This can be done with bonding, veneers or crowns with excellent results.  Since a black triangle is really a space where 2 teeth contact one another, 2 teeth require treatment in order to close one black triangle.  This is accomplished by making the teeth very slightly wider in the triangle area.  Closing black triangles can dramatically improve your smile.